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Welcome to the Jak and Daxter Technical Wiki!

About this site

The goal of the Jak and Daxter Technical Wiki is to document the Jak and Daxter games, specifically the "technical" details of how the games work, as opposed to covering the franchise in general. Overall, we want content that would not really fit into other sites. These are our main goals:

  • Document file formats, engine features, bugs, glitches, etc...
  • Include information about the developers and other people who were involved in the creation of the games.
  • Provide programs which are useful for the Jak and Daxter games, such as modding tools.

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  • 16 March, 2019: The existence of the Debug Menu was finally proven. On this day, footage of it was published for the first time ever.
  • 27 October, 2018: The first preview version of a Jak and Daxter game was released: Jak 3 (September 2004 Preview)
  • 4 March, 2018: The activation sequence of Debug Mode was revealed to the world.
  • 3 March, 2018: The Jak and Daxter Technical Wiki became a public wiki.
  • 23 October, 2017: The Jak and Daxter Technical Wiki was started as a private wiki, with the intention of making it public once it has more content.

Only registered users can contribute to the wiki. We have guidelines, please read it before contributing. If you have any questions then please contact the staff.

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