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Welcome to the Jak and Daxter Technical Wiki!

The purpose of the Jak and Daxter Technical Wiki is to keep track of knowledge about the Jak and Daxter games. Here is a nonexhaustive list of what kind of information this wiki intends to document:

  • File formats
  • Engine features
  • Glitches and why/how they work
  • People involved in the creation of the games
  • Known builds of the games

So in overall, this wiki focuses on the less interesting stuff about the games. People who are interested in researching the games might find it useful though.

Only registered users can contribute to the wiki. We have guidelines, please read it before contributing. If you have any questions then contact the staff.
These are our most interesting pages:
  • Build Info: A kind of database about the known builds of the Jak and Daxter games.
  • Debug Mode: A page about the debug mode in the trilogy.

Some useful external links:
  • TCRF Wiki: A wiki that focuses on unused content in games, it also has pages for Jak and Daxter games.
  • Jak and Daxter Wikia: A general wiki for the Jak and Daxter series.