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This page talks about theories, but not the kind of theories that you can see in modern YouTube videos. All of these theories are backed by facts, but there is no definitive proof that they are true (unless stated otherwise).


Intentional Cheat Mode

It is actually possible that Cheat Mode was left accessible in the games intentionally.


Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

More Planned Areas

It is possible that the devs planned more areas for this game. We do not know if they ever made any levels that can not be found in the retail version of the game (apart from "halfpipe").


  • A different version of the map of this game can be found among the files of the Jak II (Earlier Demo). It might be older than the final map, since several unknown areas appear on it that can not be found on the final version of the map. Though it is also possible that a dev was just being creative and drew things over the final map.
  • An "Unsnowy Mountain" music track was composed for this game.
Jak II Early Demo - WOMDRAWN.png
The map that was found.

Jak II

Baron Boss at Weapons Factory

It is hinted that at one point in development, you had to fight the Baron at Weapons Factory instead of Krew.


  • In the Jak II (Later Demo), there is an inaccessible mission named "Beat Baron in Weapons Lab". In the final version, the mission's name has "Krew" instead of "Baron" in it.

Gun Course Music

It is likely that there was going to be some kind of music for the Gun Course of Jak II.


  • The game tries to play music while you are in the Gun Course area, the missing music is called "gungame".
  • If you put a MUS file into the MUS folder and name it "GUNGAME.MUS", the game will play it while you are in the Gun Course area.
  • Even the Jak II (Earlier Demo) tries to play the music "gungame" at the Gun Course, but it does not have that music file either.

Weapons Factory Music

The Weapons Factory either has no music or plays the music of the Palace, depending on how you reach it. However, it is likely that when it plays no music, it was originally supposed to play the unused alert music of Palace/Weapons Factory/Mar's Tomb.


  • When the "Get Heart of Mar in Weapons Lab" mission is active and you use the Air Train to go to the Weapons Factory, the game will set the "alert variation" to 2 as soon as Jak exits the Air Train. However, no alert variation higher than 1 will ever work in the game. The game only uses alert variation 0 and 1. It is quite clear that Naughty Dog wanted to do something with the music of this mission.
  • The unused alert music of Palace/Weapons Factory/Mar's Tomb was composed for the Weapons Factory according to the Official Soundtrack of Jak II, and even though it should be noted that the names in the Official Soundtracks might not be perfectly accurate, this one is an exception. The composer confirmed that this was composed for the Weapons Factory.

Construction Site

Jak standing on solid ground, far from the intended playing area of the level.

The Construction Site is a very unimportant area in Jak II, but some things are hinting that the devs had more plans for this level.


  • The level has a lot of collision at places that you could not normally reach.
  • There are these four string entries in the game, all of them seem to be mission names, but only one of them is used:
    • Check the Construction Site - This is the one that you can see in the game.
    • Climb Construction Site - There is really not much to climb here so it is likely that something was removed from the area along with this mission, or the mission (along with the climbable structure) was never even made.
    • Explore Construction Site - There is not much to explore here, the area is tiny...
    • Find Baron at Construction Site - You do meet the Baron here in the game, but you did not know this before going there.

Robots in Haven City

It is likely that the developers wanted to have KG robots in the city at some point in development.


  • There is a city "asset pack" in the game that, compared to the city's default asset pack, lacks fat citizens and zoomer-riding citizens. Instead, it has the KG robot that you can find at Weapons Factory. Sadly, there is no way to load this asset pack.

Jak 3

Play as Jak II Secret

The Play as Jak II Secret in the Jak 3 Preview.

Confirmed, see the Jak 3 (September 2004 Preview), which indeed has this in the Secrets menu.
This theory is about a supposedly removed option from the Secrets menu, specifically one that would have allowed you to play as Jak from Jak II.


  • There is unused text in Jak 3: "Play as Jak II"
  • You can make Jak look like Jak from Jak II by editing the game's memory at the same place where the current status (on, off, etc...) of items from the Secrets menu are kept track of.

Arena Challenges

The stairs leading to Spargus Arena in Jak 3 (Earlier Demo).

It is quite likely that the developers wanted to have selectable arena challenges in Jak 3, similar to the Stadium's challenges in Jak II.


  • The Complete Arena Training Course mission of Jak 3 (July 2004 Internal) displays High Scores at the end of the mission, similar to how you can see High Scores at the end of races in Jak II. This implies that this mission was planned to be replayable in the Spargus Arena.
  • There is an inactive side mission computer near the stairs to the Arena in Spargus City in Jak 3 (Earlier Demo) and Jak 3 (Later Demo). They can not be activated in these builds. It is not there in other versions that we have of the game.

Jak X's Development

There are weak hints that might mean that development of Jak X: Combat Racing started before Jak 3 was finished.


  • In the Jak 3 (July 2004 Internal) build, the following checkpoints can be found: jakx-local-respot, jakx-snake-0, jakx-snake-1, jakx-snake-2, jakx-snake-3, jakx-scorpion-0, jakx-scorpion-1, jakx-scorpion-2, jakx-scorpion-3
    • All of these checkpoints require the jakx level, which is not present in the build.
    • None of these checkpoints can be found in other builds of the game, which could mean that maybe Jak X became a separate project not long after this build.

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