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You might be looking for the mode that you can enable by inputting button sequences. In that case, please go to the Cheat Mode page.

This page is a work in progress.

To do:
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  • We know more of the mode's features, we just need to add them.
  • Document the features of the debug menu.

All Jak and Daxter builds have a Debug Mode that can take advantage of development hardware. It also contains a Debug Menu. Activating Debug Mode is currently only possible in the PlayStation 2 versions of the games.

General Features

Not all the features of Cheat Mode work in Debug Mode

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

First controller:

  • PlayStation button T.svg (during some cutscenes): Skip the cutscene.
  • PlayStation button R2.svg: Push Jak, Zoomer or FlutFlut upwards, you can hold it down to ascend endlessly.
  • PlayStation button R2.svg (while or after bumping into something or giving/taking damage): Restores 1 health. You can also restore health if Jak is dying, which means that you can avoid death.
  • PlayStation button L2.svg (while on Zoomer): Gives one blue eco to the Zoomer.
  • PlayStation button R3.svg: Open Debug Menu.
  • PlayStation button L3.svg + PlayStation button R3.svg: Open Quick Menu.
  • PlayStation button X.svg (while in Debug Menu): Select option.
  • PlayStation button S.svg (while in Debug Menu): Go back to previous menu.
  • PlayStation Up button.svg (while in Debug Menu): Move up by one.
  • PlayStation Down button.svg (while in Debug Menu): Move down by one.
  • PlayStation Left button.svg (while in Debug Menu): Move up by several options.
  • PlayStation Right button.svg (while in Debug Menu): Move down by several options.

Second controller:

  • PlayStation button X.svg (during Final Boss fight): Skip to the next phase of the fight.
  • PlayStation button X.svg (during Boggy Billy's game): Win the minigame.
  • PlayStation button R3.svg (hold during the Plant Boss): Force Plant Boss to go into its vulnerable state.

Debug Menu

A menu that gives great (but not complete) control over the games.

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