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Programs, tools, applications, and files that are useful for (or are from) the Jak and Daxter games. They do not always belong to the Jak and Daxter Technical Wiki, they belong to the author(s) listed in their download boxes. In all cases, we are verifying the files before adding them here.

Jak and Daxter - Universal PCSX2 Trainer

The Jak and Daxter trainer for PCSX2 that aims to support all builds. It is still being worked on, feedback is welcome. Has a built-in update checker that will let you know when a new version is available.

Download: Jak and Daxter - Universal PCSX2 Trainer (version: 1.5.0)

Author(s): Luminar Light

PCSX2 - Jak and Daxter Debug Mode

Allows you to access Debug Mode in most of the publicly available Jak and Daxter builds.

This is a modified PCSX2 build that more closely emulates a PS2 TOOL (devkit), allowing the games' Debug Mode to load. It uses pnach files to patch the game (located in cheats folder). This build will work for any game / setup that requires a devkit-like setup. It is not specific to just 1 game. Support has recently been expanded to PAL/NTSC-J versions of the Jak and Daxter Trilogy, as well as several prototypes and demos.

These modifications can be seen here -


  • Cheats must be enabled for Debug Mode to work. You can enable cheats here: PCSX2 -> Game Settings -> Enable Cheats
  • For retail and demo builds, just select the ISO and boot. You can do it with or without fast boot, but doing without is recommended - the game may be set to Japanese otherwise.
  • For internal/preview/review builds, you must unpack the ISO of the build. Select the ISO, and then choose Run ELF:
    • For Jak II, you must choose FIREWIRE.IRX from the DRIVERS folder of the build.
    • For Jak 3, you must choose DISKINFO.BIN from the root directory of the build.


  • If a build doesn't boot into Debug Mode, then make sure that you followed the Usage section properly. If it still doesn't work, it is possible that the game build you chose is not supported yet.
  • When loading the game, you should see logs similar to the following:
Found Cheats file: '9184AAF1.pnach'
comment: Enables Developer/Debug Mode - Credit to water111 for discovering / documenting the required ELF edits
Loaded 5 Cheats from '9184AAF1.pnach' at 'C:\Users\xtvas\Repositories\pcsx2\bin\cheats'
Overall 5 Cheats loaded


  • xTVaser for modifying PCSX2 to support a devkit environment, and additional patches.
  • water111 for figuring out Debug Mode, and documenting the required patches.
  • Luminar Light for creating pnach patch files
  • DoctorWeed for creating pnach patch files

Download: PCSX2 - 128MB Build

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