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This page is a work in progress.

To do:
  • Indicate usage of the different instances of the same music.
  • Figure out what is the difference between the two Precursor Subrails music.

The Used? column shows whether you can hear this music in the game or not. The colors of the cells in the Internal name column show if that one instance of the music is used or not (yellow means that we still need to check it, once the page is done the color yellow will disappear from the table).

All the music in the table below was composed by Josh Mancell, unless noted otherwise.

Known as Listen Used? Internal name Used at Notes
yes arenafi Spargus Arena, during missions -
Dark Eco Plants
yes ctysprit Kill Dark Plants in Forest (mission) -
hijack Hijack Eco Vehicle (mission)
Dark Maker Ship
yes mineboss Defeat Veger's Precursor Robot (mission) -
precship Destroy Dark Ship (mission)
pretour Destroy Dark Ship Shield (mission)
Desert Calm
yes desert ? -
Desert Normal
yes factoryb ? -
wastimer ?
chasmara ?
desattck ?
Desert Race
yes destrial ? -
desrace ?
desrally ?
Desert Run
yes mineblow ? -
nestgas ?
desres1 ?
waspirit ?
desresbb ?
desring ?
descarbb ?
Eco Mine
yes minexplr Eco Mine -
Final Boss
yes finboss1 Final Boss (chase) -
finboss2 Final Boss (fight)
Gun Course
yes wasgun ? -
desdrop ?
gncourse ?
cityring ?
cityjetb ?
Haven City Battle
yes fight1 ? -
Haven City Calm
yes city1 ? -
Haven City Mission War
yes ctytimer ? -
citysnpr ?
cityfi ?
blowbarr ?
yes waschase ? -
Main Theme
yes mcredits Credits *Composed by Larry Hopkins.
Metal Head Cave
yes nesteggs ? -
wasring ?
desres3 ?
desdstry ?
wasfight ?
formach ?
Metal Head City
yes dstrdeco ? -
Metal Head Hunt
yes deshover ? -
Metal Pedes
yes nesthunt ? -
yes waspgame ? -
Monk Glider
yes destimer ? -
desglide Area of the Glide to Volcano mission
Palace Ruins
yes oasisfi ? -
portattk ?
beastbat ?
ruinsatk ?
Precursor Sub Rails (Longer)
yes desres2 ? -
combs ?
Precursor Sub Rails (Shorter)
yes factboss ? -
Sewers/Haven Forest
yes forplkil Haven Forest -
sewerhum Sewers
Spargus City
yes wascity Spargus City -
Stadium Ruins
yes ruins Stadium Ruins -
Temple Calm
yes temple Monk Temple, when it is calm *Composed by Larry Hopkins.
Temple Under Attack
yes despirit ? -
templedf ?
towdestr ?
preshipx ?
Tower Bombs
yes despider Side mission in which you need to destroy baby Metal Pedes (close to the Satellite Game in the desert) -
destower Blow Open Tower Door (mission)
yes volcano Volcano -
War Factory
yes factass War Factory (interior) -
wasdefnd Defend Spargus From Attack (mission)
no dogshit1 - Similar to Metal Head Hunt theme.
no dogshit2 - -
no havcity1 - Slightly different Haven City Calm theme.
no satelite - Pre-console mix quality of the Jak II boss music.
no unused2 - -
no unused3 - -

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