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This page describes a build of a Jak and Daxter game.
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The Jak 3 (July 2004 Internal) is a build of Jak 3 that is a little bit unstable and unfinished.


Subpage: Levels
A table that has all levels and information about them.


A lot of missions are available in this build, and most of them are perfectly playable.

The table below lists all the missions in this build, along with the names of the same missions in the retail version. The colors indicate how playable the mission is when started from the mission selector:

  • not playable at all (does not start)
  • partially playable (can not be completed)
  • partially playable, but needs Debug Mode (can not be completed in one segment, or at all)
  • skippable (not finished, but has a dev shortcut, which is active either only in cheat mode or always, or only active if you use the mission selector, but regardless these missions can be completed in a way)
  • fully playable, but needs Debug Mode
  • fully playable
Mission name Retail version equivalent Notes Video link
Complete Arena Training Course Complete Arena Training Course - -
Earn 1st Warrior Amulet Earn 1st War Amulet - -
Catch Kanga-Lizards Catch Kanga-Rats - -
Defuse Satellite Unlock Satellite - -
Learn to Drive a Vehicle Learn to Drive a Vehicle - -
Beat Kleever in Desert Race Beat Kleiver in Desert Race - -
Race For Artifacts Race for Artifacts - -
Beat Monks in Leaper Race Beat Monks in Leaper Race Uses the "Dragons of Haven Forest" music. The mission feels harder in overall. Final ring's color is not unique. watch
Destroy Metal Head Beasts Destroy Metal Head Beasts - -
Earn 2nd Warrior Amulet Earn 2nd War Amulet - -
Corral Wild Leapers Corral Wild Leapers - -
Rescue Wastelanders Rescue Wastelanders The game crashes when you need to go to the last Wastelander. In Debug Mode, you can skip to the satellite boss part of the mission. watch
Beat Turret Challenge Beat Turret Challenge - -
Defeat Marauders in Arena Defeat Marauders in Arena - -
Destroy Eggs in Nest Destroy Eggs in Nest - -
Climb Monk Temple Tower Climb Monk Temple Tower - -
Hang Glide to Volcano Glide to Volcano There seem to be more Precursor Rings. The Desert is very empty. Otherwise it is very similar to final version. watch
Find Satellite in Volcano Find Satellite in Volcano You start a little bit further into the Volcano if you are using Level Select. Terrain is different at some places. The unstable cliffs are actually stable, and they are completely black. The rest of the differences are relatively minor. watch
Find Oracle in Monk Temple Find Oracle in Monk Temple The invisibility ability is tied to Dark Jak. The level is not finished. The eye does not disappear after it is fooled. There are dev shortcuts at the end, for failing or completing the mission. watch
Defend Ashelin at Desert Oasis Defend Ashelin at Oasis - -
Complete Monk Temple Tests Complete Monk Temple Tests This part of the Monk Temple is far from finished. watch
Travel Through Catacombs Travel Through Catacomb Subrails The level is pretty undetailed, but it can be completed. The vehicle is still somewhat affected by gravity, and has no weapon. It also has an alternate camera mode that is activated with the PlayStation button R3.svg button, it makes the camera be closer to the vehicle and rotate with it. watch
Explore Eco Mine Explore Eco Mine - -
Escort Bomb Train Escort Bomb Train - -
Defeat Veger's Precursor Robot Defeat Veger's Precursor Robot It is mostly similar to the final version. There are two notable differences: the enemies it throws look different, and they damage Jak on contact. watch
Reach Port via Sewer Reach Port via Sewer Most of the enemies are missing. The hostile fishes have a different behaviour, and their death animation is missing. The level itself doesn't look different. watch
Destroy Incoming Blast Bots Destroy Incoming Blast Bots - -
Destroy Barrier With Missile Destroy Barrier With Missile - -
Beat Gun Course 1 Beat Gun Course 1 - -
Destroy Sniper Cannons Destroy Sniper Cannons - -
Reach Metal Head Area via Sewer Reach Metal Head Area via Sewer There are less enemies, it has an enemy that is not present anywhere in the final version (Scouter Robot), and the collision is buggy at some places. Apart from these, it is mostly identical to the final version. watch
Destroy Dark Eco Tanks Destroy Dark Eco Tanks The plants that hold the Dark Eco Tanks are dynamic. You get the cut Dark Punch ability instead of Dark Strike. The mission can not be completed because a Dark Eco Tank is missing. watch
Kill Dark Plants in Forest Kill Dark Plants in Forest There is no minimap, and some Green Eco Vents are missing their foundation. Otherwise it is mostly identical to final version. watch
Destroy Eco Grid With Jinx Destroy Eco Grid With Jinx - -
Hijack Eco Vehicle Hijack Eco Vehicle - -
Defend Port From Attack Defend Port From Attack You need to defend the Naughty Ottsel, its HP is displayed on screen. The mission will never end properly ("Barrier HP" will stay on screen), and the game will crash if any other mission is loaded using Level Select. Also, the game might just simply crash during this mission. There is no known way to complete it. watch
Beat Gun Course 2 Beat Gun Course 2 - -
Break Barrier with Blast Bot Break Barrier with Blast Bot - -
Defend HQ From Attack Defend HQ From Attack - -
Find Switch to Power Room Find Switch in Sewers - -
Find Cypher In Eco Grid Find Cypher In Eco Grid - -
Destroy Metal-pedes in Nest Destroy Metal-pedes in Nest - -
Chase Down Metal Head Beasts Chase Down Metal Head Beasts - -
Take Out Marauder Stronghold Take Out Marauder Stronghold (first part) - -
Chase Marauders Take Out Marauder Stronghold (second part) We are assuming that this got merged into the mission above. -
Race For More Artifacts Race For More Artifacts It is after "Find Cypher In Eco Grid" in the retail version's mission list. -
Beat Pillar Ring Challenges Beat Pillar Ring Challenges - -
Destroy War Factory Defenses Destroy War Factory Defenses The music is different, no other big differences. watch
Destroy Factory Defenses Explore War Factory - -
Beat Errol Boss Beat Cyber-Errol Boss It is very unfinished. A weird, immortal thing is used instead of Errol. It keeps shooting at the player. The dev shortcut for completing the mission only appears if the mission is accessed using the level selector, it won't appear if you come here from the War Factory (another possible condition is Cheat Mode). watch
Rescue Seem at Temple Rescue Seem at Temple It is not finished, but the overall idea of the mission is seemingly the same. watch
Defend Spargus From Attack Defend Spargus From Attack The Walkers and their projectiles are different. Turret projectile and RoF is different. Music is different. Turret doesn't turn around automatically when they come from city. watch
Activate Astro Viewer in Haven Forest Activate Astro Viewer in Haven Forest The turret looks different, and it behaves a little bit similar to the Peace Maker. The game crashes too often during this mission, it seems to be impossible to finish it. watch
Take Out Dark Ship Shield Destroy Dark Ship Shield The Dark Maker Ship has some differences. The Titan Suit is used instead of the Dark Maker Mech. There are no enemies. Though the game puts you back to Haven Forest when you reach the end, it will not register the mission as complete. You can return to the mission from Haven Forest. watch
Blow Open Tower Door Blow Open Tower Door There is a button shortcut to fail the mission, but none to complete it. The mission is not finished at all, and it starts at the Naughty Ottsel. The mission will be completed when you reach the door of the Metal Head Tower. watch
Destroy Metal Head Tower Destroy Metal Head Tower There are no enemies at all. Solid terrain is used instead of the magical purple bridges. The structure itself is mostly the same as in the final version. You need to reach the end, then the game will show you which buttons need to be pressed to complete or fail the mission. Maybe a boss fight was made here at some point after this build? Because why would you need to complete or fail a cutscene? watch
Reach Catacombs via Palace Ruins Reach Catacombs via Palace Ruins The game can not load one of the required level files, unless Debug Mode is enabled. watch
Break Through Ruins Break Through Ruins The game can not load one of the required level files, unless Debug Mode is enabled. watch
Reach Precursor Core Reach Precursor Core The game crashes at the end of this mission, unless Debug Mode is enabled. watch
Destroy Dark Ship Destroy Dark Ship The game crashes at the end of this mission. -
Destroy Final Boss Destroy Final Boss The chase part is similar to final version, but you need to destroy 18 things instead of 14, and they are placed differently. The boss fight itself is not present, only its area is there (which is a bit different). The game will tell you to press triangle to beat the game. watch

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