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This page is a work in progress.

To do:
  • Get rid of question marks.
  • Add demos, protos, etc...
  • Add Platinum and Greatest Hits editions to the table.

This page contains information about all the known builds of all Jak and Daxter games. Create a separate page for a build if necessary. Please read these before reading/editing the page:

  • The we in Do we have it? refers to Luminar, and sometimes other main admins of the wiki. Maybe? means that we don't know if we actually have it or not (this is only a temporary option, should be replaced with Yes or No as soon as possible).
  • We may only have some builds digitally, not physically. This is okay.
  • Any dates are in YYYY.MM.DD hh:mm:ss format.
  • If there is anything to mention about the ELF date then add an asterisk right after it (*), and explain it in the notes. Also, keep in mind that the games can have files newer than the ELF.
  • The builds should be ordered by their age. Oldest build goes to the top, newest build goes to the bottom.
  • Respect people who have unique builds and don't want to share them. Remember that they agreed not to share them back then when they received their build(s) and you shouldn't expect someone to disrespect any of their agreements.
  • Game sub-titles and name variations are not included, because there are too many different names.
  • Only builds which are confirmed to exist shall be added to the table. And even then, it should only be added to the table if we know something about it. Otherwise just put it to the bottom of the page, along with the rest of the "confirmed to exist but we don't have them" builds.
  • We are only documenting standalone releases of builds (so do not put demo collection discs here just because they have a Jak demo).
  • While colors of "rare discs" seem to be a bit random in reality, we still need to use consistent colors on the wiki. "Promo" builds which are exactly the same as release builds don't need to be documented. The wiki uses the following colors for "rare builds", to make them stand out from the rest: Review, Internal, Preview, Demo, Multiplayer Beta. The not so rare retail builds should look like this: Retail.
Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
Build Product code Region ELF date Do we have it? Notes
"Earlier Demo" SCUS-97170 NTSC - Yes This entry is for the Cingular Wireless demo. Has a video and the demo itself. There is a Jampack magazine demo disc that has a TPL demo which is identical to this one, but we are only documenting standalone releases so it has no separate entry.
SCUS-97171 NTSC - Yes It supposedly comes from a "US magazine". Has a different video than the demo above, the demo itself seems to be the same.
"Later Demo" ? ? - Maybe? This is a demo that is a few days older than the first release version and looks identical to it. Not sure if it ever had a standalone release.
Retail SCUS-97124 NTSC 2001.10.30 14:29:48 Yes -
SCES-50361 PAL 2001.11.03 10:22:30* Yes *Date is from the Platinum version.
SCPS-15021 NTSC-J 2001.11.03 11:03:00 Yes -
Jak II
Build Product code Region ELF date Do we have it? Notes
"Earlier Demo" SCUS-97273 NTSC 2003.03.15 06:32:37 Yes Has nearly the whole city on the disc, it has lots of differences compared to the final version.
"Later Demo" SCED-51700 PAL 2002.07.17 07:22:00* Yes *Year is wrong, it was probably supposed to be 2003, since most other files on the disc have that date.
Has differences compared to the final version, the most valuable thing in it is probably the "beta haven city theme". This is the only known build to have that music file.
August 2003 Review SCES-51608 PAL 2003.08.18 06:06* No *We don't know the seconds.
The placeholder music is supposedly still used, as some music files which are in the final version are missing from this build. Not much else is known.
Retail ? NTSC - Maybe? -
SCES-51608 PAL 2003.09.17 06:29:08 Yes -
SCPS-15057 NTSC-J 2003.08.28 05:09:00* Yes *Most of the files are from December.
Jak 3
Build Product code Region ELF date Do we have it? Notes
Demo SCUS-97412 NTSC - Yes Need to compare it to the one from the demo collection disc. There are some minor differences between them.
September 2004 Preview SCES-52460 PAL 2004.09.14 03:17:03 Yes There are not too many big differences, most of them are minor... but there is a lot of them!
Retail SCUS-97330 NTSC 2004.09.30 12:14:24 Yes -
SCES-52460 PAL 2004.10.07 03:51:56 Yes -
Jak X: Combat Racing
Build Product code Region ELF date Do we have it? Notes
Beta Trial Code TCES-53286 PAL 2005.06.22 17:58:56 Yes Huge differences but not much content.
Retail ? NTSC - Maybe? -
SCES-53286 PAL 2005.09.15 04:57:56 Yes -

The following rare builds are confirmed to exist but we don't have them:

  • Jak II July 2003 Preview
  • Jak II August 2003 Review
  • Jak 3 October 2004 Review

There are more Review, Internal, and Preview builds for all Jak games but we don't have definitive proof for their existence.

Please contact us if you have any rare Jak builds!

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