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This page will give you some help with editing the Jak and Daxter Technical Wiki, while also introducing you to some of our rules and guidelines.


While some rules are obvious, we still want to clarify what is and isn't allowed here. Some rules aren't written down, but by using common sense you can avoid breaking the unwritten rules.

Here are our written rules:

  1. Do not put stolen content into our wiki!
  2. Do not make wrong edits to pages intentionally! This means that any kind of vandalism is not allowed.
  3. Use talk pages properly! Each time you want to edit the talk page you will see a link to the talk page help. You can only break this rule by not reading that page.
  4. The official language of the wiki is English.
  5. Do not harass other users in any way, give everyone respect!

Also, keep in mind that...

  • We have zero tolerance towards vandalism, it will get you banned forever.
  • Breaking other rules might result in a warning, but repeat offenses will result in more severe punishments.
  • The Staff reserves the right to ban anyone without explanation. This mostly applies to people who have a bad history (well-known wiki vandal, etc...).
  • The rules can be changed at any time, and by using our wiki you agree that you have read and accepted the rules.


The Jak and Daxter Technical Wiki is a part of the Miraheze Network. This means that they are hosting our wiki, and also means that you need to register a global Miraheze account if you want to have an account on any Miraheze wiki.

MediaWiki Help

The Jak and Daxter Technical Wiki uses the MediaWiki software. In case you are not familiar with MediaWiki, it has documentation which should help you if you do not know something.


Always use categories for articles and files! Categories are great for organizing the wiki's content. You can find the current caregories here, but you can also make new ones if it is really necessary. Remember to read the pages of the categories, as they can contain information about how to use them properly.

Talk Pages

The use of talk pages is highly encouraged. It can be used for discussion with editors of the article. Help for talk pages can be found here.

The Staff

The wiki has a staff. They are responsible for keeping the Jak and Daxter Technical Wiki safe, and also for making sure that the rules and guidelines are being followed. You should contact them if you have any questions.


You should only upload files if you intend to put them into an article.

Copyright and License

All content here is owned by the Jak and Daxter Technical Wiki. By contributing, you automatically agree to transfer ownership of your contribuiton to the wiki. You are allowed to reuse your contribution elsewhere if you get permission from Luminar, the current owner of the wiki. This restriction exists to avoid any potential issues, while still giving contributors the chance to reuse their own work. We aim to provide true information, and we also want to protect this information.