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This page talks about theories, but not the kind of theories that you can see in modern YouTube videos. All of these theories are backed by facts, but there is no definitive proof that they are true (unless stated otherwise).

Baron Boss at Weapons Factory

It is hinted that at one point in development, you had to fight the Baron at Weapons Factory instead of Krew.


  • In the Jak 2 "Later Demo", there is an inaccessible mission named "Beat Baron in Weapons Lab". In the final version, the mission's name has "Krew" instead of "Baron" in it.

Play as Jak II Secret in Jak 3

Confirmed, see the Jak 3 September 2004 Preview, which indeed has this in the Secrets menu.
This theory is about a supposedly removed option from the Secrets menu, specifically one that would have allowed you to play as Jak from Jak II.


  • There is unused text in Jak 3: "Play as Jak II"
  • You can make Jak look like Jak from Jak II by editing the game's memory at the same place where the current status (on, off, etc...) of items from the Secrets menu are kept track of.

Gun Course Music in Jak II

It is likely that there was going to be some kind of music for the Gun Course of Jak II.


  • The game tries to play music while you are in the Gun Course area, the missing music is called "gungame".
  • If you put a MUS file into the MUS folder and name it "GUNGAME.MUS", the game will play it while you are in the Gun Course area.

Weapons Factory Music in Jak II

The Weapons Factory either has no music or plays the music of the Palace, depending of how you reach it. However, it is likely that when it plays no music, it was originally supposed to play the unused alert music of Palace/Weapons Factory/Mar's Tomb.


  • When the "Get Heart of Mar in Weapons Lab" mission is active and you use the Air Train to go to the Weapons Factory, the game will set the "alert variation" to 2 as soon as Jak exits the Air Train. However, no alert variation higher than 1 will ever work in the game. The game only uses alert variation 0 and 1. It is quite clear that Naughty Dog wanted to do something with the music of this mission.

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