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Welcome Visitor!

My online name is Luminar Light, my native language is Hungarian and I live in Hungary. I am the founder of this wiki.

I am quite good at finding unused things in the Jak and Daxter games and I have been studying them since January 2017, that is when I started uploading videos to my YouTube channel. I have learned a lot more since then and my knowledge is growing every day.

One of my goals is to become famous enough to be able to fight againts "faker/liar" people (an example). These people are misleading others and in my opinion this is a really bad thing, mostly because the majority of people do not care to/can't check if the content is real or misleading/fake.


You can contact me on YouTube, Twitter and Reddit... or just leave a message on my talk page here.

I also have a Discord server where you can always find me:


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