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WOMAP.STR is a file used in Jak II and Jak 3 to store the maps for each level.

The maps in WOMAP.STR have indexed palettes, meaning that the colors used in the images are stored as separate data from the image pixels. Each map has a different palette, which is stored several bytes above the pixels of each image. The palette data consists of 32 bits per pixel, while the pixel data is 8 bits per pixel.

Jak II

There are 25 maps in WOMAP.STR, including a placeholder map consisting of a white background with the text "Palcab". This map is never seen in-game and was most likely intended to be replaced with a map of the Haven Palace cables explored before the first boss battle. The are five Haven City maps, which increase in detail each time. These are used depending on how far in the game the player has progressed and therefore, how much of the city they have access to.

Each map, with the exception of the Haven City maps, has two layers: the background layer, which appears first in the file, consists of the background design and a blue color for the explorable areas. The top layer consists solely of the explorable areas, using the colors that appear as the player reaches each area.

The Haven City maps are 512x832 pixels, while all the other maps are 512x416 pixels.

The map order as stored in the file:

Map number Level Image
1 Pumping Station Jak II WOMAP Pumping Station.png
2 Landing Pad Jak II WOMAP Landing Pad.png
3 Weapons Factory Jak II WOMAP Weapon Factory.png
4 Dig Site (1) Jak II WOMAP Dig 1.png
5 Dig Site (2) Jak II WOMAP Dig 2.png
6 Drill Platform Jak II WOMAP Drill Platform.png
7 Haven Forest Jak II WOMAP Forest.png
8 Krimzon Fortress Jak II WOMAP Fortress.png
9 Mountain Temple Jak II WOMAP Mountain.png
10 Metal Head Nest Jak II WOMAP Nest.png
11 Palcab (placeholder) Jak II WOMAP Palcab.png
12 Haven Palace (1) Jak II WOMAP Palace 1.png
13 Haven Palace (2) Jak II WOMAP Palace 2.png
14 Dead Town Jak II WOMAP Dead Town.png
15 Sewers (1) Jak II WOMAP Sewers 1.png
16 Sewers (2) Jak II WOMAP Sewers 2.png
17 Sewers (3) Jak II WOMAP Sewers 3.png
18 Strip Mine Jak II WOMAP Strip Mine.png
19 Mar's Tomb Jak II WOMAP Mar's Tomb.png
20 Underport Jak II WOMAP Underport.png
21 Haven City (1) Jak II WOMAP Haven 1.png
22 Haven City (2) Jak II WOMAP Haven 2.png
23 Haven City (3) Jak II WOMAP Haven 3.png
24 Haven City (4) Jak II WOMAP Haven 4.png
25 Haven City (5) Jak II WOMAP Haven 5.png

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