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This page explains terms and expressions which are used on (or around) the Jak and Daxter Technical Wiki.

Stages of Game Development

These are the stages of a game's development.

Prototype: Any build of the game which predates the retail version.

Alpha: The game is incomplete but playable. A large percentage of the planned features and content have yet to be included.

Beta: The game is near-complete but is still going through the refining process.

Build Types

This section details the Jak and Daxter games' several build types.

Internal: These were never meant to leave Sony/Naughty Dog. We do not know what they were used for exactly, we only know that these were never intended for the public, not even game reviewers. We only know about internal builds which are in the alpha stage of development.

Preview: These were intended for game reviewers. The are not necessarily finished, but they are usually stable. These are usually in the beta stage of development.

Review: These were intended for game reviewers. They are very similar to the retail version, so much that they can even be identical to it.

Retail: This is what was sold to the people, it is the finished product.

Demo: Builds of the game that usually contain a few missions and/or areas which are perfectly playable with no issues. They can be from any stage of development, and they never have the full game.

Promo: These are identical to the retail builds, they were usually given to game reviewers a few days before release.

Multiplayer Beta: Only Jak X had these. They were used for testing the multiplayer functionality of the game. They could only access multiplayer until the servers were shut down. These do not have the full game, but have more content than demos.


Expressions that do not fit into any of the categories above.

Prerelease: Any form of content which predates the final version of the game. As well as prototypes this can include early trailers and screenshots, concept art and developer notes.

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